During my childhood in a Roma ghetto, education was and remained one of the biggest problems. Working with children gave me the opportunity to be close to them and find solutions to how to motivate children to go to school regularly. It was a big challenge because I was not able to help them financially; the only source I had was my knowledge, but it was not enough because I could not convince some of the children to continue education. Education is the only solution that can help them to find a way out of poverty. I was working very hard with all the children to make them believe in themselves and make them stronger to accept themselves as Roma. I could not stay all the time in the village and take care about their education, so I decided to do a work which could influence them. I was thinking a lot about how to do it and I found the solution. I made this piece of work that will remain with the children wherever they should go.

I choose the word “march” because it implies strongly, like an obligation, what they must do. I put out one banner in the city and one in my village on my house. I decided to use these places because I thought that it was important to see this obligation every day. If they are at home, they can see that they should go somewhere, and if they are in the city, they can also see where they must go. It means that I made a circle between the city and home and showed them that the most important goal is to go to school.

Today the banner in the city has been removed because I am not allowed to do that in public space, but the transparent on my house is still out there and the children still can see it and react positively or negatively to it.