The video “SALT WATER AFTER 47” is about my mother and her first contact with the sea. Her big wish was always to see for herself if it is really salty like she heard that it was. In this video, I captured that first moment and her reaction.“AFTER 47” refers to her lack of documents when she came from Kosovo to Bosnia. Culturally, the act of a woman leaving her paternal home to live with her “husband” is perceived as a marriage, whether or not it is officially recognized by the state or religious authorities. At that time in particular, there was no concept of simply “living together”. Hence, at thirteen, she was unofficially married to my then seventeen-year old father, but the marriage was not state certified. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, she was left stateless. In 2014, after many discussions with authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she managed to obtain Bosnian citizenship. After 47 years, she received her first passport. I decided to make her wish come true. I took her on a vacation to the sea.


salt2 salt1                                                          HD video 5’45”, 2015 – 2016